Elmfield Park

Elmfield Park is Doncaster's first public park, situated to the south-east of the town centre. It serves as a local park for the surrounding communities but also a valuable piece of green space for visitors to the town.

Opened in 1923 the park has evolved over the years seeing its heyday in the 40's and 50's with a model boating lake, fountain, bandstand, tennis courts and bowling greens. Although a number of the original features have been lost, the park is still well-used today and the park retains its tennis courts, bowling greens and rose garden.

Straight outside the main gates to the park stands Doncaster's central Cenotaph and the park plays a central role in the annual Armistice Day remembrance. The Cenotaph was unveiled on the same day the park was opened in 1923.


  • Chequer Road Doncaster
  • South Yorkshire
  • DN1 2AN