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The Everly Pregnant Brothers

The Everly Pregnant Brothers
  • Venue/Location:Imperial Club and Brewery
  • Date: 7 Oct 23
  • Tickets:From £25


7th October 2023 - 7:00 pm

The Everly Pregnant Brothers were formed after a drunken dare by Pete Mckee and Richard Bailey in 2009. The success of the dare prompted the pair to draught in a bunch of disparate chaps who had three things in common, the love of beer, ukuleles and having a laugh.

Frontman Shaun Doane sets the tone and drives proceedings forward with a huge vocal performance and some wicked renditions of music classics.

A national treasure in their native Sheffield the Brothers playful tampering of classic songs has won them friends and fans far and wide.

Venue: Imperial Music Venue, Arcadia Hall, Cliff St, Mexborough S64 9HU

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Date and time

7 Oct 23, 19:00