Yorkshire Wildlife Park is celebrating the birth of a rare Red Howler Monkey, just days before the park’s Halloween spectacular.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park is celebrating the birth of a rare Red Howler Monkey, just days before the park’s Halloween spectacular. 

Adorable Pablo was born two weeks ago and now can be seen being cradled by proud mum Tila in the new South America reserve. 

The birth is significant for the rare species as it is thought to be the first ever in the UK.

Mum Tila and dad Geronimo, both brightly coloured and vocal Venezuelan Red Howlers (Alouatta seniculus), only arrived at YWP this year.

Baby Pablo will spend the next few months holding tight on to his mum’s belly and under close supervision. Red Howler Monkey males have a huge part to place in the rearing of young in their groups, and Pablo has been seen interacting a lot with dad, Geronimo.  

YWP’s Primates Team Leader Greg Clifton said: “This is an extremely important birth for this rare species of primate and could be the first time that this species has been bred in the UK.

“Yorkshire Wildlife Park is one of only 6 zoos in Europe to hold Red Howler monkeys and these are the only ones in England.

“He’s a very lucky baby as the Primate team have seen him being carried by both females in our group. Our older female Namid has bred before in the past so has been showing our first time mum Tila how it’s done.”

Halloween Half Term visitors will be thrilled to see the award-winning park’s new arrival while enjoying the creepiest carnival ever with ultimate spooky encounters during a three-day Halloween Adventure. 

There is the chance of coming face to face with bone chilling Day of the Dead themed characters and to meet a host of scary and non- scary Halloween characters.

The non-stop entertainment runs for three days from Saturday October 23 to Monday the 25th and has live shows, Halloween décor, professional performers, face painting and sideshow games. The enthralling performers include dancers, jugglers, stilt walkers and aerial performers all carnival costumed and spookily face-painted. There is also the chance to get hands-on with crafts and games.

The main live shows are The Book of Life, a fun-family style pantomime and The Creepy Carnival Show, which celebrates everyone’s favourite Polar bear with his magical friends. Fancy dress for children is highly recommended.

Head of Guest Experience Chris White said: “It is great to be back this Halloween. We dearly missed our spooky Halloween adventures last year and are looking forward to thrilling our visitors again. They will be in for a lot of surprises. It is a Halloween Adventure to remember and like no other.”.

The park, which puts conservation at the heart of all its activities, offers visitors a unique walk through experience coming almost face to face to some of the world’s most rare and beautiful animals, including new arrival Pablo.

Halloween Experiences  
The Book of Life
Fun-family style pantomime, 
Big Bugs Amphitheatre, 3 performance timesevery-day . 
Free with Entry

The Creepy Carnival Show
We join everyone’s favourite Polar Bear with his magical friends for a live show. 
Masai Woods , 3 performance times every-day Free with Entry

All live entertainment is included in admission tickets and can be booked via the website. Small charges apply for sideshow games and face painting Normal admission ticket prices apply.