Sandall Park's Changing Place campaign is now at full throttle!

And so are we! Sandall Park's Changing Place campaign is now at full throttle. Let's do this for Doncaster!

Sandall Park have teamed up with a Doncaster disability adaptions firm (Rise) to raise money and install a Changing Place (CP) toilet in the park.

Changing Places are specialist toilets designed to be used by people with complex disabilities, their families, and carers. Larger than a standard accessible loo, they feature an adult-sized changing bed and a hoist.

A CP Places toilet is a dignified and sanitary solution for people with severe disabilities or complex care needs. They are bathroom facilities for people whose needs aren’t met by a common, or even standard access toilet. In many cases, these people rely on at least one, sometimes two care givers to assist them.

A CP will mean everyone will be able to access and enjoy Doncaster's largest park! The absence of appropriate facilities for people who are severely disabled means that they are very limited in the activities they can participate in or locations they’re able to visit, which can obviously impact on a person’s quality of life. People with disabilities shouldn’t have to compromise their health and dignity either.

With only 8 Changing Places toilets in Doncaster, we are calling on local businesses and communities to help us raise enough money to install a facility in this well-used and popular park. Our aim is to improve Doncaster’s largest park for everyone, including the most vulnerable visitors. Our Patron, Ben Parkinson MBE is totally supportive of the campaign said Sandra of Sandall Park.

The benefit to people with disabilities and additional needs who visit the park will be immense with a Changing Place. We hope you can help us make this a reality. You can make a difference by donating today.

Please share the news far and wide, and beyond! We need to get all the community involved, especially local businesses who will not only reap the benefit of additional custom from all the extra visitors who will come to the area, but will show their community how supportive they are.

We can do this together!

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