Cast is screening a series of short films by local creatives of colour about their journeys building creative careers in Doncaster

During the pandemic Cast piloted the commissioning of digital work. This ranged from programming digital shows, live streaming shows from their main stage, commissioning its first digital crime series, organising digital scratch nights, and supporting artists to develop their own digital practice. To further develop this work and as part of its 10th birthday celebrations for 2023, Cast offered a commission to local artists to create ambitious and innovative digital work. One of these is Reflections in Colour.

This is a series of three short films featuring rapper David Walusimbi, activist and producer Olivia Jones and photographer Rasha Kotaiche, three local creatives of colour who have all made a positive impact on Doncaster. Each film draws back the curtain on what it has been like to grow up in Doncaster and build a successful creative career. The series was shot by Doncaster-based documentary filmmaker Rajnish Madaan, and animated by local artist and the founder and director of Doncaster Creative Network, Natasha Clarke. This project is aimed at 14-25 year olds.

Art, creativity, growth, learning, identity, voice, barriers, school, acceptance, belonging, racism, relocating and returning are topics that David, Olivia and Rasha share their vulnerable insights on. Each artist takes the viewer on a precious journey through their own unique yet relatable story, sharing moments which leave you feeling humbled and inspired.

Rajnish Madaan, Filmmaker said:
‘It was really important to us that we spent time listening to the 3 artists we worked with, and although we did give them a loose frame work to base their writing on, we assured them that they had the freedom to express themselves and share their story in a way that made a statement about who they are.  We are proud of the films we have created and hope that the young people of Doncaster can connect with these stories and too become the creative professionals of the future.’

Natasha Clarke, Director of Doncaster Creative Network said:
We know that for young people especially, representation has a huge impact. Seeing other young creatives from Doncaster is incredibly valuable, as it could be the inspiration they need in order to push for their goals and reach their potential. We’re so pleased to be sharing these profiles of such an interesting and diverse group people making such a huge impact in Doncaster and beyond.’

Deborah Rees, Director at Cast said:
‘Exploring different art forms was a real positive coming out of the pandemic for Cast. It allowed us to work with brilliant local artists like Rajnish and Natasha, offering commissions for digital work, which until 2020 had not been part of our creative programme. We’re so excited to be sharing Reflections in Colour as part of our 10th anniversary year -  to be sharing the experiences of creatives of colour in the city of Doncaster and providing inspirational stories for younger people to get involved.

The screening, which takes place in Cast’s Second Space at 7.45pm on Thursday 9 February 2023, is free to attend. Tickets can be accessed from the Cast box office by calling 01302 303959 or online at