Animals Cool Off With Ice Lollies at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Animals at Yorkshire Wildlife Park cooled off with special fruit ice lollies in the first heatwave of summer.

Rangers gave out the iced treats as temperatures rose to 28 degrees in Doncaster while other species like the polar bears and tigers make the most of their pools.

Meanwhile they applied layers of mud to the black rhinos to deflect the sun’s rays and filled up a ‘wallow’ pool. Najuma and her baby Rocco didn’t need a second invitation to wallow in the muddy water

Animal Director of the 175-acre park  Dr Charlotte MacDonald said “The burst of hot weather has been great but we always make sure the animals are safe and can cool off when they need to.”

The sea lions had their fish delivered frozen while Prince the Binturong, kept nice and cool by eating a carrot and sweet potato ice pop. Ibera, one of the park’s Maned Wolves, enjoyed a ‘blood ice-pop’ created using fish blood that ensured she got her daily nutrients and the opportunity to chill.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park, which puts conservation at the heart of all its activities, offers visitors a mesmerising walk through experience coming almost face to face with some of the world’s most beautiful and rare species including Amur Leopards and Tigers,  Polar Bears, Giraffes, Sealions and many more.