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ArtBomb Festival 2022

ArtBomb Festival 2022 Basic details
  • Venue/Location:Various Locations
  • Date: 11 Aug 22 - 14 Aug 22
  • Tickets:Free

ArtBomb 22, Doncaster’s experimental arts festival, is designed to provoke fierce debate across current environmental and ecological thinking.

ArtBomb 22 playfully and provocatively explores the life of PLANTS, FOOD, WATER and TRANSPORT and their role in the health and well-being of local communities and in a global context.

Now in its second year, ArtBomb’s approach is to foster local creative talent and emerging practitioners, alongside established international artists to highlight the most pressing issue of our time: GLOBAL CLIMATE EMERGENCY. ArtBomb 22 is an open-platform arts festival commissioning world-class art to spill onto the street and spread across public space, sparking discussion, forming new ideas and fostering a sense of curiosity with a programme of workshops, talks, performances, gigs, films and exhibitions across multiple sites.

ArtBomb’s local team of curators and producers is led by Doncaster Creates creative director and artist, Mike Stubbs, and builds on the success of last year’s first festival to present a creative provocation that centres on the local ecology and explores the impact of the climate emergency. The festival will ask important questions about how these global issues can be addressed locally:

● How resilient are our communities to the impacts of climate change?

● How do we recognise ourselves as being part of a global ecological system?

● How can people take action to promote biodiversity such as: reducing emissions; reducing car usage, reducing household waste, saving natural habitats and ensuring further restoration of our peatlands?

ArtBomb Artists

ArtBomb has invited more than 30 artists to work alongside a wide range of environmentalists to explore cutting-edge ecological research and provocation including signposting Doncaster’s most valuable ecological asset - its vast peatland - and the biodiversity it supports. Internationally significant artists include: feminist/anarchist, mezzo-soprano, Loré Lixenberg, reciter of Beckett and Shakespeare, performance artist, Filipos Tsitsopoulos, live coder and choreographer Joana Chicau.

Artists also include Chris Dobrowolski; Antony Hall; Jola Kudela; Rob La Fresnais; Dave Lynch; Matthew Rosier; Sydney Sparks; Yu-chen Wang and Miranda Whall, alongside artists from the ArtBomb 22 residencies: Re-Wilding the System and Symbiosis - The Art of Living with Water. 

Re-Wilding the System artists include: Caroline Sinders; David Bramwell; Rebecca Smith; Angela Robson, Brigitte Sossou Perenyl

Symbiosis artists include: Annie Carpenter; Zoyander Street; Adrian Barron; Teresa Saynor; Ted Webley; Sarah Villeneau; Molly Shaw; Jennifer Rozenfelds; Janet Wallace

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11 Aug 22, 00:00 - 14 Aug 22, 00:00