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Digging Deep

Digging Deep
  • Venue/Location:ArtBomb
  • Date: 2 Mar 24 - 21 Apr 24

Digging Deep - 40 years on since the Miners Strike

2nd March 1 - 6 PM special event and exhibition till 21st April 2024

ArtBomb@Unitarian 60 Hallgate, Doncaster

Art, Conversation, Music, Film

A special event and exhibition commemorating the importance of the miner’s efforts and the strike of 1984.

Documenting community cohesion in Doncaster around the strike along with support for the miners from the cultural sector, what can be learned from those involved, in protecting contemporary rights and dignity? 40 years on since wholesale destruction of an industry and interdependent communities how can those experiences help build resilience and look to a better, future Doncaster ?

Art Opening in Shop: Ed Milliband MP and Sally Jameson

Intro/Welcome: Anne-Louise and Mike Stubbs

On the Sofa: Chris Kitchen & Jeffrey Lovell, Sheena Moore and Brenda Nixon, Mick Langhan

Sing-a-long miners songs with Rachel Horne

Music & Words, Jakno, Smizz, Sarah Wimbush, Ian Parks, GSD

DGLAM museums workshop “Handle history! Come along and see some objects from Doncaster Museum, related to the miners’ strike”.

Thank Yous: Rev Tom & Rosie Winterton MP

Film show: Pride + 80’s style food served

Exhibition Artists in ArtBomb Shop: John Ledger, Moira Lovell, Les Monaghan, Andrew Conroy, Katrine Barber & Documentary material: Miners banner, Danielle Ganley, The Miners Campaign Tapes, Miners Benefit Poster, other ephemera

Date and time

2 Mar 24, 12:00 - 21 Apr 24, 18:00