Doncaster - The Festive City

Make your way from Nottingham to Doncaster

Get ready to get into the festive spirit in Doncaster with the Penguin Parade, Frost Festival and Festive City.

If you're looking for a free, easy way to spend quality time with your family whilst exploring the city centre, look no further! The Doncaster Penguin Trail promises a fantastic experience for everyone, from the youngest explorers to the young at heart.

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3,000 step trail

Picture this—a leisurely walk through the city streets, filled with laughter and discovery. The 3000-step stroll is the perfect option for families with little ones in tow. Keep an eye out for our friendly penguin statues that are sure to delight the kids!

5,000 step trail

If your family loves a bit of adventure and enjoys uncovering hidden treasures, the 5000-step exploration is the way to go. This trail offers more excitement, more sights to see, and more chances to create lasting memories together.

10,000 step trail

Are your kids budding explorers with endless energy? Take them on the 10,000-step expedition, where they can discover the entire city centre and all its wonders. It's an epic journey that promises thrills at every turn.

What's on in Doncaster?