The search is on for a new Doncaster writer

As part of Doncaster’s partnership with The Booker Prize, the town’s creative programme, Doncaster Creates is searching for a new writer from the town.

The Doncaster New Writer Programme is asking anyone who is a resident in the town or was born in Doncaster, who are not previously professionally published writers, to submit samples of work and a statement about how the programme will help personal development as a writer, to be in with a chance of being awarded a mentor programme with Booker Shortlisted author Fiona Mozley.

Juliet Farrar, from Doncaster Creates, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for a budding Doncaster writer to gain insight and support from a published author and mentoring to help them to develop their writing talent.

“People have until January 11 to send in their work and we are really looking forward to reading some of the wonderful works created by our local Doncaster talent.

“We’re keen to read not only the samples of written work but also to learn more about the people behind them and the difference that they feel this programme will make to their writing and development.

“The announcement of the award for mentorship will be made in February at a celebratory event.”

To be considered for the programme, the submission requested would be:

  • 500 words describing the project the writer intends to work on with the Author Mentor, what they hope to get out of the mentoring programme, and what sorts of writing they have done so far;
  • A sample piece of work of no more than 2,000 words; if the type of writing the writer candidate does is much more concise (which is very welcome) the submission can be much less - there is no minimum. The Author Mentor will be looking for quality and not quantity.

Fiona Mozley, said: “I am very excited to have the opportunity to read and assess the submissions from Doncaster writers. The Open Mic event Lemn Sissay and I hosted with the Booker Prize and Doncaster Creates was a huge success. It was clear from the event that there is plenty of literary talent in Doncaster, and I hope this mentoring scheme will help unlock that potential. In my experience, the hardest step in any creative endeavour is sharing your work with others. It is also the most rewarding. For this reason, if you’re reading this and you have an exciting project tucked away somewhere, I would encourage you to send it in.”

Juliet added: “The programme offered by the Author Mentor will consist of a preparatory tutorial, work in progress sessions and coaching sessions.

“This is a real opportunity for someone with a love of writing to take that next step and get their work in front of a published author with learning and coaching opportunities to help them to take their work to the next level.”

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