The Great Yorkshire Creature Count is back!

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust is inviting the whole of Yorkshire to take part in a creature counting challenge this weekend to discover the wildlife that shares our outside spaces.

From midday on Saturday 19th June to midday on Sunday 20th June, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust is challenging folk in every corner of Yorkshire to count and record the wildlife that lives in and around our homes, as the Great Yorkshire Creature Count returns for a second year.

Whether it’s looking and listening out of a window, peering into and under pots and window boxes, exploring the nooks and crannies of a terraced yard, or scouring a leafy garden – the Trust wants to know what you see and where you see it! The Great Yorkshire Creature Count takes place over 24 hours, and you can participate for as long as you like, at whatever time you like. Whether you’re getting up with the dawn chorus, camping out with the bats, or just taking some time in the afternoon sun, you can join the Great Yorkshire Creature Count in a way that suits you.

Not only is the Great Yorkshire Creature Count fun for young and old alike, but it also provides valuable data for Yorkshire Wildlife Trust to help them gauge the state of nature in Yorkshire. A citizen science project of this scale paints a picture of wildlife in Yorkshire and highlights the vital role our own local patches of green play in helping nature to recover.

Rachael Bice, CEO for Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, said: “Did you know that, collectively, our own outside spaces account for more of the UK’s green space than all the nature reserves combined? Creating a wilder future for Yorkshire starts at home – literally on our doorsteps!”

“Each generation is inheriting a world more devoid of nature than the last, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Our gardens, windowsills, balconies and small spaces have the power to create an intricate mosaic of habitats, capable of supporting a huge array of wildlife. If each of us takes responsibility for the nature on our doorstep, we can create a Yorkshire where wildlife flourishes and people are more connected to the natural world around them.”

“Last year was so difficult for all of us and discovering the wonders of our local wildlife really helped get a lot of people through some tough times,” said Hetti Lawrence, Communications Officer for Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. “The Great Yorkshire Creature Count was born out of that desire to say thank you to nature for giving us a boost when we needed it most. Last year 4,500 people took part in the Count, clocking 13,500 sightings of over 1,400 species. As brilliant as that was, we want to get even more people involved this year – across the whole of Yorkshire!”

You can sign up and find everything you need to take part in the Great Yorkshire Creature Count 2021 at