Schools have just days left to sign up to Operation Vulcan

Secondary school children from across England are being invited to take part in a challenge to design part of the exhibition space at The Vulcan Experience.

The Operation Vulcan challenge is being organised by The Work-wise Foundation in partnership with the Vulcan to the Sky Trust (VTST) and CBE+.

John Barber from The Work-wise Foundation said: “This challenge is proving to be very popular with schools and we’ve had sign ups from across South Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire so far.

“Schools have until the end of the summer term to sign up to take part in this creative challenge.

“As VTST work towards the fundraising for the new hangar at Doncaster Sheffield Airport, they are keen for young people to be involved in the design and display of some of the artefacts, making the visitor experience a positive, educational and enjoyable one.

“Schools are invited to play a part in designing the way artefacts are displayed and showcased in the new purpose-built facility.

“We can't wait to start working with the schools in the academic year and seeing what creative ideas their young minds can come up with for the exhibits and the new visitor experience.”

Schools and teams will be supported by The Work-wise Foundation and Vulcan to the Sky Trust throughout the challenge and the winning design will be created by CBE+ who are currently providing a home for the artefacts until The Vulcan Experience is completed.

Michael Trotter from VTST said: “One of our guiding principles is to inspire the future generations and we are proud to be working with The Work-wise Foundation and CBE+ on this project to engage with secondary school students.

“The Vulcan Experience will be a fantastic education experience inspiring generations to come and it is really exciting to be working with young people from the early stages to get them involved and excited about STEM subjects.”

The challenge will include a launch workshop with the school covering an introduction to the theory of flight, the history and engineering behind the Vulcan and its role in British Aviation, a challenge brief and supporting materials, the chance to see the artefact to be displayed and access to Ask the Expert sessions to share ideas and ask questions throughout the challenge. The winning students will also have the opportunity to be part of the process of bringing the design to life working alongside the engineering team creating the displays.

To find out more or register your school for the challenge contact John Barber at The Work-Wise Foundation by e-mailing or calling 07500331400.