Readers invited to new book library at Lakeside Village

Bookworms are in for a treat at Lakeside Village with a new Reading Corner book library set to open this week.

The Reading Corner, located in the guest Services area, will be stocked with a range of books to borrow, including everything from page-turner novels to informative non-fiction and children’s books.

Customers who love books and love reading are invited to take up to three books home to read. They can then return them or replace them with three more books so every visitor to Reading Corner has a chance to read something new.

Di Rodgers, centre manager at Lakeside Village, said: "We love books at Lakeside Village and hope our Reading Corner book library will encourage customers to pick up some page-turners and share their favourite reads.

"Whether you're into Harry Potter or Ulysses, reading is a wonderful pastime that can unlock the imagination and transport you to different times and new worlds. We look forward to welcoming young and older readers to Reading Corner to find and share some good books you just can't put down."  

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