Healthy at Home

Free exercise and wellbeing sessions help Doncaster residents to be Healthy at Home

An initiative to boost people’s health and wellbeing during this latest period of national restrictions has been opened to Doncaster residents.

New community content has been added to Doncaster Culture and Leisure Trust’s (DCLT) members Healthy at Home programme to give people in the borough access to an online body of support.

Healthy at Home was created by the Trust, which operates leisure venues across the borough, to encourage members to keep active and healthy while remaining safe during Covid-19 restrictions.

This has been extended through the DCLT website to give fitness fans access to free weekly classes live streamed from the studio via Zoom - from pilates, yoga and dance classes to body attack, body combat and aerobics - and access resources and tips to help maintain their physical and mental wellbeing.

Classes are also available on the new Doncaster Culture and Leisure Trust (DCLT) YouTube channel so that people can remain active in their own homes.

The wellbeing hub also features pages for children and families - with creative activity ideas for at home and within the area - young people, adults and older adults.

Rachel Watson, one of the attendees of the classes, said: “I have done all the body combat and attack classes and have really enjoyed them. The instructors have been fab, they still include everybody and make the classes enjoyable.

“If somebody is thinking about doing the classes but feels too nervous about going, now is the time to try while in the comfort of their own home. Then maybe they will have the confidence to join the classes when they start back.

“I am very grateful to Doncaster Culture and Leisure Trust for adding the live classes at this hard time and I am counting down the days to we can get back in to the gym in person!”

Kraig Kelly, head of Leisure at Doncaster Culture and Leisure Trust (DCLT), said: “We’re working to ensure that community content including brilliant free classes with our experienced instructors can be brought to local people throughout this period to help mental and physical health - two things we know are exceptionally important throughout this time.

“There are a range of wellbeing activities and suggestions for all ages and abilities.

“The excellent feedback we’ve had so far on this initiative is testament to our dedicated staff who really are helping to boost people’s spirits while helping people to increase their fitness levels. Healthy at Home has plenty of great resources which we encourage anyone to access free of charge.”

To find out more about Healthy at Home, visit: