Doncaster Wool Market welcomes a new and delicious food stall

Afters Deserts will be joining Doncaster's Wool Market for a new array of food!

We want to personally welcome Afters deserts to Doncaster's Wool Market in the hopes of a delicious and successful time with their new and different menu that they can't wait to show you. 

On Tuesday 17th August 2021, Doncaster's Wool Market have Afters_dessertsuk joining the fantastic array of food and drink.

Afters are opening their second location at the Wool Market, bringing handcrafted desserts such as Milkshakes, Waffles, sundaes and muc more...

You will be promised lot's of options with an appetising and devine time. 

For more information why not take a look at all of their social media channels linked below.

Instagram: afters_dessertsuk

Facebook: Afters_dessertsuk