Doncaster Olympic star Beth Dobbin to meet fans at hometown celebration party

Doncaster Olympic star Beth Dobbin is set to meet her fans in a special hometown celebration next month.

The 27-year-old athlete from Sprotbrough missed out on the medals at this year’s games in Tokyo but will be back on home soil to discuss her achievements and show off her memorabilia in an event at Sprotbrough Country Club.

Her proud mum Jean said: “To show her appreciation for your support, Beth will be at Sprotbrough Country Club on Sunday 17 October between 1pm and 4.30pm.

"If you would like to pop down to see her, you are more than welcome.”

Beth will do a couple of short talks and question and answer sessions at around 1.30pm and 3pm and there will also be a chance to see her Tokyo memorabilia and slide show.

Added Jean: “Beth is really looking forward to seeing you all again or meeting you to thank you all for the support you have given her so far.”

Beth finished fifth in the 200m semi-finals.

In her post-race television interview, she shone a light on the difficulties all athletes have faced during the pandemic and revealed the devastating loss of a close friend.

Dobbin told BBC Sport: “Dina did a really good captain's speech where she said this group of Olympians are the most resilient that we've probably ever had and that just really touched a nerve with me because obviously I've been through a lot myself and also this past 18 months has been really difficult for every athlete.

“Can I just take this moment to shout out my best friend's mum Julie? She was an NHS nurse for 34 years and she took her own life in June.

“She was a frontline NHS worker so it's been a really really difficult year with Covid.

“I'm just proud of myself that I stuck at it, and proud of all the other athletes on the team because it's not been an easy 18 months at all for anyone.”

Dobbin overcame epilepsy to reach the pinnacle of her sport.

Prior to turning professional just three years ago, she combined running with working 40 hours a week to self-fund her athletics career.

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