Business neighbours from across Lakeside set to take part in The Big Lakeside Clean Up

The management team from Lakeside Village are joining with partners from Club Doncaster, the two McDonalds in the area and Visit Doncaster to take part in The Big Lakeside Clean Up.

The first quarterly litter pick of 2021 will take place on Thursday 29 April when partners will don their high vis vests and collect litter from around the area.

Di Rodgers, centre manager from Lakeside Village said: “We pledged earlier this year to arrange quarterly litter picks around the area as part of our environmental pledges. We are thrilled that our neighbour, Club Doncaster and McDonalds are joining us, and it is great to have support from Visit Doncaster.

“Last year was our first organised litter pick and we collected 19 bags of litter. It will be interesting to see how much we collect this time with a bigger team covering a bigger area.

“It is fantastic to see the difference you can make when you work together. But we do want to remind people to put their litter in the bin, if each person takes responsibility for their own litter, then we wouldn’t have to do this!

“Thank you to everyone who has pledged to take part and to Doncaster Council who are providing the equipment we need for the litter pick.”

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