5 ways you can support Doncaster’s local businesses during the pandemic

Why it is important to support small businesses.

Shopping at local, independent stores has many benefits and it often works like a chain reaction. By purchasing from local shops, you’re helping those businesses grow, sell more goods from the area and employ members of the local community.

In addition to having economic and social benefits, shopping small and local is often more sustainable as products will have generally travelled less and accrued fewer air miles. By supporting local independent businesses, no matter what industry they operate in, you will minimise your impact and help them stay in business.

5 ways that you can suppor local businesses during these trying times: 

1. Take advantage of click and collect or delivery services

Even if your trusted local retailers don’t have an e-commerce platform, it’s possible they may be continuing to trade using click and collect or their own delivery services. Have a look on their social media or call them up to find out.

2. Purchase gift cards

If you are physically unable to use the local businesses and services that you value so highly, you can still financially support them if you wish. Many small firms are offering gift cards that can be purchased or downloaded as a gift to yourself or a loved one to use at a later date. Buying the gift cards ensures local businesses maintain cash flow, securing work in advance for when normal service is resumed. Unsure if your favoutie local businesses are offering this? Then why not give them a call or ask them on social media.

3. Leave your favourite businesses a positive review

Statistics show that the majority of shoppers use reviews to determine what products to buy and which services to purchase, and on average, read 7 reviews before trusting a business. Proving that giving a good rating or review on Google, Trip Advisor or social media is an easy way to raise the profile of a brand and persuade new customers to give them a go!

4. Embrace takeaways and deliveries with your local pubs and eateries

Although it’s not quite the same as sitting down to eat together in a warm and welcoming pub or restaurant, you can help keep your favourite eateries in business during the lockdown by ordering takeaway meals or having your meals delivered to your doorstep.

5. Be Understanding

We are in unprecedented times and some businesses have either been forced to temporarily close or have made the difficult decision to do so for safety reasons. Be understanding. Know that each business is different and they are doing what’s best for them, and try to support them in any way possible. Reach out to the business owners or employees to ask how they are doing, or to simply let them know you support their decisions. It means a lot!