Doncaster bringing Remake Learning Days to the UK

For the first time ever Remake Learning Days Festival is coming to the UK, with Doncaster Council announcing that it will be hosting the event.

Remake Learning Days Festival looks to offer ‘fun and engaging’ opportunities for learning for all ages. This ranges from theatre and drama workshops, a forensic interactive session for teenagers, business start-up sessions, and NHS career days.

The event is run in collaboration with local businesses and the voluntary sector and is making more than 150 family-friendly events available for free or low-cost. Taking place over the course of ten days – from Thursday 25th May to Saturday 3rd June – the festival is theming events around numerous topics, including but not restricted to:

  • Science and technology
  • Outdoor learning and sports
  • Crafting and making
  • Youth voice
  • Professional development
  • History and culture

Councillor Lani-Mae Ball, Cabinet Member for Children and Young People, said: “Doncaster is a fantastic city with so much to offer in terms of skills and opportunities. Whilst traditional education plays a huge part in shaping and inspiring our residents, we want to make use of the diverse and wonderful assets we have here, and expose people to new experiences which might inspire them to take up hobbies, discover new skills or even spark a future career.

“Working together with Doncaster’s third sector, businesses and organisations, the inaugural Doncaster Remake Learning Days Festival will offer inclusive and accessible opportunities for people of all ages across Doncaster, and we would encourage everyone to take advantage and join a session over the 10-day event. We currently have over 150 events listed, with new activities being added every day.

“Remake Learning Days festivals have been making a huge impact in communities across the world; from America, to Uruguay, to New Zealand. Now Doncaster is proud to be hosting the UK’s first ever festival – but this is just the beginning. It’s part of a wider, collaborative piece of work that will change the face of education and skills in our city.”

The Remake Learning Days Festival began in Pittsburgh, United States, as part of a drive to spark passion, inspire curiosity, and help people to discover something new whilst being outside of a classroom. It also looks to celebrate the assets that communities hold, whilst showcasing the diverse talent on offer and the opportunities that already exist in communities.