Maize Maze

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The Maize Maze opens from the middle of July to the end of October each year. The pattern within the maze changes each year and we have had everything from a combine harvester to a horse and cart.

The most important thing to remember while at Boston Park Farm is to have fun!

When entering the Maize Maze you have to find the four flag poles, which are hidden throughout the maze. At each flag pole there is a clip so that you can mark your sheet to show you have found that flag. Also lost in the maze is Maize Maize, she doesn’t have a flag pole so is a little harder to find! If you find all five then you win a lollipop!

Go steady...

We recommend that you wear sturdy shoes as you must remember it is still a field.

Stay dry...

Don’t forget your coat if it is raining as it can be just as much fun on a wet day if you are dressed for the weather.

Thirsty work...

On a hot day we suggest you take a cold drink with you and a hat to protect you from the beautiful Yorkshire sunshine.