Human Kind Music Workshop

  • Date: 16 Feb 21

Make and create fun and exciting new organic music with a human feel online with DJ Rob via Zoom. A fun group session linking live into DJ Rob’s studio where you will make sounds, noises and rhythms in all kinds of ways including: Hand clapping, finger clicking, junk percussion and found sounds too!

You can even add some vocal elements if you wish – make simple sounds, sing a few lines or hum a melody or bassline, say your name, count or even bust out a beatbox rhythm should you wish. If you don’t vocalise or just don’t fancy doing that part of it, don’t worry you’ll still be able to take part and be heard and included on the music we compose online together: – stomp your feet, tap or drum with some items around you or try out and record in some body percussion. You could choose some human produced sounds from our sound bank to be included within our collaboration piece as well. Once we record all our noises and sounds we will edit and arrange them together to make our unique piece of fun music.

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Date and time

16 Feb 21, 10:00