The Turk by Michael Sabbaton

"Surrounded by well-travelled packing crates and empty wine bottles, a drunken and dying Johann Nepomuk Maelzel revisits scenes from his life, losses and adventures with the amazing, chess playing automaton known as, The Turk"

1838. Interior. Ships Cabin. Night....

Fuelled with alcohol and yellow fevered madness, Maelzel and The Turk explore the sacrifice of the showman, the promise of the engineer and the passion of the dreamer against a philosophical backdrop of life, love, cognition and existence...

The Turk is a brand new one-man-show from Writer and Actor Michael Sabbaton, based on the true story of The Mechanical Turk - the famous 18th century, chess playing automaton that wowed audiences and influenced great thinkers all around the world for over eighty years...

A compelling dark drama with humour, music and song too. 

Contains some strong language.


Second Space


 24 January


£11 (£9 under 26)


Civic and Cultural Quarter