The Ancient Art of Healing Within Tibetan Medicine and Ayurveda

Friday 11 - Sunday 13 October 

Work with your elements and change your life!

As we work with the five elements in Ayurveda and the Tibetan Art of Healing we will develop a greater understanding of our body and how to heal ourselves. 

Through a practical study of the Four Tantras and Meditation within the Dzogchen and Ayurvedic texts we will have an opportunity to work with and understand the mind.

Kate´s workshops are always fun and full of insights which we share.



The Lindholme Hall Estate is the home of Gomde UK. The estate is a 180-acre ‘island’, which lies within the Humberhead Peatlands National Nature Reserve, in the centre of Hatfield Moor. The Lindholme ‘island’, once only accessible by boat, can now be reached across the peatland via a one-mile single-track road. The beauty and seclusion of the estate make Lindholme Hall a perfect place for the practice and study of the teachings of the Buddha.