Food Glorious Food; what does a diverse foodscape really look like?

Discuss what it means for South Yorkshire to be a place where people always have access to, and enjoy, quality, affordable food. In addition we will discuss the barriers and also implications of poor food options and availability of nutritious, accessible and affordable food.

There will be a keynote to open the conference and then a series of seminars:

  1. What are we changing? Is there a need? How do we demonstrate this?
  2. What is a local authority’s purpose and how might they benchmark themselves?
  3. What creative ways can we use to increase participation and buy in, especially in hard to reach demographics?
  4. How do we build in resilience against, or in the face of food insecurity?
  5. How do we make changes to communities to encourage more social eating?

We will report back briefly from the seminars straight after lunch, have a keynote speaker and another set of seminar/ discussion groups.

WHEN 13 March 9.15am-4pm



Civic and Cultural Quarter