Canberra aircraft 70th Anniversary commemoration

Canberra aircraft 70th Anniversary commemoration

Saturday and Sunday - June the 15th and 16th (Fathers' Day Weekend)

10am to 5pm 

Normal Museum entry fees apply, no extra charge to get in the aircraft but donations are always welcome.

The Museum's 7 resident Canberra cockpits (nose sections) will be joined by up to 9 more from other museums and private collectors to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the English Electric Canberra. The Canberra served in front line RAF squadrons for almost 60 years in various roles from bomber, photographic recconnaissence, electronic countermeasures, trainer and target tug.

Several of the cockpits will be open to allow visitors to get inside and see what it would have been like for the aircrew. There will be former canberra aircrew and groundcrew on hand to chat about their exploits in this amazing British aircraft. The restored Vulcan bomber cockpit will also be open.

There will be a talk on the Saturday evening - ticket only and LIMITED to 60 tickets at £10 each. Telephone the Museum to book and pay. 01302-761616.


Located at Lakeside (North) behind the Herten Triangle leisure complex.