Title: ARTIST ROOMS: Bill Viola

Dates: 19 September - 15 December

A selection of work by renowned video artist Bill Viola will be on display at The Point between 19 September and 15 December. Viola is internationally recognised as having been instrumental in the establishment of video as a vital form of contemporary art. His work focuses on universal human experiences such as birth and death and his pieces are shown in museums and galleries worldwide. 


This exhibition draws from the ARTIST ROOMS touring collection of over 1600 works of modern or contemporary art. The collection is displayed across the UK in solo exhibitions that showcase the work of more than 40 major artists. This touring programme gives young people the chance to get involved in creative projects, discover more about art and learn new skills. ARTIST ROOMS is jointly owned by the National Galleries of Scotland and Tate. 


Entry to The Point is free.


Close to Town Centre