Doncaster Market

Doncaster’s Award Winning Markets have everything you need!

Doncaster Market is undeniably one of the finest traditional markets in all of England, receiving praise from TV celebrity chefs and a loyal following of customers.

Doncaster’s market can trace its origins right back to the Roman times when the local population established a vicus outside the walls of the Roman fort to trade with the garrison stationed there. Today’s market is on the very same spot and has benefitted from Doncaster being on the Great North Road through the centuries.

One of the biggest and best traditional market in the North with lots of shops, stalls and stands, Doncaster Market has been the heart of the town for hundreds of years.

Occupying around 25% of Doncaster’s attractively refurbished pedestrian centre, the Market precinct is truly impressive, incorporating four large indoor market halls – each with their own distinctive character – surrounding extensive and bustling outdoor markets.

You will find Doncaster Market fully open on three days each week - Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

On Wednesdays the outdoor market area hosts an impressive antique and bric-a-brac market.

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays some traders, including fishmongers and fruit sellers, are also likely to be open for business.

Market areas What do we sell?
Goose Hill Market

Quality goods sold at over twenty shops in our covered market, including jewellery, plants, collectibles and gifts .

Fish Market

Every type of fish imaginable: swordfish, shark and eel sits alongside old favourites like cod, haddock and mackerel. Our shell fish offer is second to none, with mussels and oysters from Cornwall and the Shetlands. 

When in season, fresh game including rabbit, hare, venison and boar, and one of the few tripe stalls in the area.

International Food Hall

Food and only food, with goods from Europe and beyond including Greek delicatessen (own produce from Crete) selling olives, baklava and much more. 

We also sell traditional bread and cakes, a variety of speciality cheeses, and meat from butchers who've won a multitude of awards between them.

Corn Exchange

A wide range of quality goods including, fashion, furnishings, alterations, confectionery  and much more. Upstairs (lift available) is a dedicated craft area with regular classes in card making and other activities.

The building is also home to the markets Information Point for visitors, as well as an unsupervised play area for children.

Wool Market

Open 6 days a week Tuesday to Sunday and late night opening til 9pm - this transformed venue is Doncaster's destination of choice for drinks, dining, retail and entertainment.

Outdoor Market A whole host of things from seasonal vegetables to locally produced eggs, flowers and plants. We also sell clothes and phone accessories to name but a few.
Antique and bric-a-brac market (on outdoor market) Various second hand and vintage goods 

Watch the video below to see some of the big changes we'll be making to this this fine Victorian listed gem over the next few years.

Below that is a list of some of the market traders and the different produce sold on Doncaster Market. 

Angus Butchers

Angus Butchers

A traditional friendly butchers selling produce on Doncaster Market.

D S Kitchens

D S Kitchens

D S Kitchens specialise in all aspects of house renovations, trading on Doncaster Market,

Sweet Deals

Sweet Deals

A company trading on Doncaster Market selling sweets from America

Alien Technology

Alien Technology

Alien Technology specialises in the Build, Upgrading and Repair of PC’s and Laptops trading on Doncaster Market.

Care 4 you mobility

Care 4 you mobility

Supplying mobility equipment from walking sticks to wheelchairs to scooters from most manufacturers on Doncaster Market.