Cusworth Park

Cuswort​h Park

Now restored to its former glory, Cusworth Park is one of the finest green spaces in Doncaster, offering free admission on every day of the year.

Visit Cusworth Park

Fully restored to its Edwardian heyday, visitors can appreciate all that Cusworth Park has to offer throughout the year. Considerate replanting and continual care and maintenance mean that our Green Flag site is a place to return to again and again. From lazy summer picnics to brisk winter strolls, the Park is the ideal location to observe the changing seasons and a wealth of wildlife.

Visitors can admire the spectacular views of Doncaster from the summit of the hill, then take a stroll through the shrubbery walk to our three lakes, which were originally designed to mimic a serpentine river. These lakes are a rich habitat for many species including watervoles, kingfishers and green flowered heleborine orchids, not forgetting our resident family of swans!

Fully accessible and free to visit on every day of the year, Cusworth Park truly does have something for everyone.