Conisbrough Circular Walks Route 2 - River Don and Viaduct Walk

Starting and finishing at Conisbrough Castle Visitor's Centre. 2.5 miles, taking approximately an hour and a half. 

Not strenuous, but some hills and scrambles. Not suitable for wheelchairs or buggies. Appropraite footwear and clothing should be worn for potentially muddy and cool conditions.

The Route:

Walk through the castle grounds alongside the Visitors Centre and down the steps to the pedestrian gate on the lower grassed level.

Follow the road down to Low Road and cross at the corner of Coronation Park. Note the War memorial, village stocks and cast iron horse trough.

Coronation Park was opened as such in 1911 to commemorate George V‘s Coronation. Mrs Godfrey Walker of Scarborough who donated the land, unveiled the lamp and fountain. £150 was raised by public subscription to pay for it and remaining monies after work was completed were used to pay for a Coronation Tea for the village‘s children and old people.

Walk onto Millpiece, site of the old Saw Mill, via the path beside the bus stop and over the footbridge.

Castle Saw Mill was one of two mentioned in the Domesday Book. The owner had to pay fifty shillings per year to the Lord of the Castle. It had two dams. The large pond near the road would freeze in winter and become the venue for hundreds of skaters from near and far.

Walk around the lake until reaching the path with the sign, ‘The Dell‘.

Take this path down the steps, over the brook, and to the right, enjoying the carved owl at the Dell and Fairy Village on the way.

At the end of the woods, cross the brook and turn left past the old Castle Inn. Continue straight on following the brook towards the river.

Originally known as The Railway Inn, the Castle Inn was formerly a bone crushing mill with a water wheel that was powered by the brook. The finely ground bone went to make coloured paints, for artists and putting onto walls. Part of the water wheel shaft and two grinding wheels are still to be seen at the rear of the building from the footbridge over the brook.

Turn left before the river onto a wide path that goes past the fishing ponds - either left or right around the ponds will bring you to the main path along the River Don. Follow the path along the river, under the railway bridge and through the trees taking the lower path to the right until you get to the wooden deck and building.

Walk under the roadway and footbridge and keep going until you see a path to your left leading via steps up to the old car park area. Turn left at the top of this path and walk to the wooden building, then left along the roadway to the Kingswood site.

Follow the path alongside the Kingswood site fence and up onto the Trans Pennine Trail. Turn left along the Trans Pennine Trail and walk along to the access roadway enjoying views towards Mexborough and Swinton.

You are walking along the site of Denaby and Cadeby Collieries. The latter finally closed following the 1984/85 miners strike thus bringing to an end the area‘s coal mining industry which had begun in 1869.

Turn right onto the roadway, following until turning right where the Trans Pennine Trail bears left, thus heading towards the viaduct. Cross over the viaduct enjoying the views and tranquility along the river.

With 21 arches, Conisbrough Viaduct formed part of a connection between the Hull & Barnsley Railway and those of the Great Northern and Great Eastern. At 1,527 feet in length, it is truly a Goliath structure built of 15 million bricks - many sourced locally. The viaduct was opened in 1909 and closed in 1966 and became part of Railway Paths Ltd in 2001.

Turn right at the end of the viaduct, up the short hill to the path through the woods. Taking the upper path on the left walk through the woods, across the quarry road and continue to the rear of the houses to Windgate Hill.

Continue down Windgate Hill to the old Castle Inn and turn left to Millpiece taking the path on this side of the brook to get to Millpiece Lake.

Cross the road at the gated end of the lake and follow the road behind Coronation Park back to the Castle Visitor's Centre.

Hope you enjoyed your walk!

These walks are intended for locals and visitors alike to appreciate the countryside just on our doorstep.

Toilets and refreshments available from the Castle Visitor's Centre at the beginning/end of the walk.

Route provided by Conisbrough Forward. Conisbrough Forward is a not for profit community group striving to make Conisbrough a better place to live and an enjoyable place to visit.