Want to play? Lakeside Village is looking for a community group who need a soft play area

Children under the age of five could benefit from a kind donation as Lakeside Village is looking for a community group or charity that could put the centre’s former soft play area equipment to good use.

The centre is getting a new soft play area and rather than throw away perfectly good equipment they want to donate it so that children can continue to enjoy playing.

John Magee, centre manager said: “We love to help out our local community whenever we can, so we’re on the lookout for community groups or charities that could make good use of our former soft play area.

“We’d hate to see it go to waste, so anyone interested should email our team on hello@lakeside-village.co.uk. Our new soft play area is being installed in the next few weeks so we need to act quickly on this and find a new home for the current equipment.”

For further information about Lakeside Village visit www.lakeside-village.co.uk.