Promotional video launch aims to showcase the best of Doncaster

Doncaster may be in the grip of winter but the team at Visit Doncaster has just released a video that is guaranteed to bring the warmth of spring and the hope of long summer days out just a little closer.

Fresh from the success of the second edition of the Doncaster Visitor Guide, published in January, the video is 3 minutes long and crammed with places to go, things to do and visitor attractions across Doncaster, with something in there for everyone.

Destination Manager Lorna Reeve said of the video:

“Doncaster is a great place to visit and it’s our job to get that message out there. We’re targeting locals and new visitors alike with our publications, events and now this short promotional film. We absolutely believe Doncaster has so much to offer, whether that’s our history and heritage, our great green spaces, hotels, shopping or family friendly  visitor attractions there really is something for everyone.

We have the UK’s largest walk through Wildlife Park which is about to see a further massive expansion, we have the airport that’s not just about flying out of Doncaster but a great opportunity to bring visitors in too.”

But the team are keen to point out that it’s not all about the big attractions and the film reflects this with great coverage of smaller venues, attractions and lesser known gems.

Lorna added:

“The visitor economy is such an important part of the development of the town too. New investors, new businesses and attractions not only need visitors but benefit from the spend these visitors make, hotels and restaurants see improvements, the cultural offer improves and generally prosperity and growth brings, about positive change”.

The Visit Doncaster team is also working on plans for 2020, the 400th anniversary of the sailing to America of the Mayflower Pilgrims. It is anticipated that towns and cities with connections to the Pilgrim Fathers will see huge numbers of inbound American tourists, and of course two of the most significant pilgrims, William Bradford and William Brewster have connections to Doncaster with William Bradford, the founding Father being born in Austerfield. The Mayflower 400 is just one of a number of opportunities for the borough to grow its tourism offer, not only the attractions and the ambitious events programme but all tourism related activity has a massively positive impact on hotels and the town in general.

Set all this against the major developments in the coming few years in the town centre – The refurbished Wool Market, Corn Exchange, a new station forecourt to welcome to rail passengers and improve access to the centre, improvements to the appearance and function of the town centre roads, an improved retail offer, a brand new cinema and museum all point to a positive and vibrant future and one where Doncaster will be ready to achieve its potential as a great place to visit and enjoy.

If you haven’t seen video click here to see what you're missing. Alternatively, for the 2018 visitor guide, click here for digital download or to request a copy