JX World Cup is a smashing success

The Thursday before racing began, racers and mechanics  spent ample time  preparing heir machinery for war. The water was open for tuning and testing, and riders Spent all day doing so. Some of the big talk this weekend was the unveiling of the new SDC TRAK 903 machine and Kevin Reiterer had it available for riders to take a test ride on Thursday.

Also on Thursday evening, racers and mechanics had the opportunity to attend a soccer match, courtesy of the council.

Friday morning marked the start of racing, and the Freegun Jetcross World Cup kicked off with amateur racing. Thursday brought harsh winds and chilly temperatures, but the sunshine shone through the clouds on Friday and brightened the spirit of the racers.

As the tension rose for the weekend ahead, so did the number of people in the crowd. Nearly 5,000 people in the audience watched a weekend of electrifying racing as the best pilots in the world lined up.The water got rough as the racers weaved through the tight and technical track – making for impressive displays of skill and hair-raising action.

Racers raved about the track designs in Doncaster. Jetcross staff made ​​it a point to have separate tracks for runabout and ski riders, and the difference was very clear. The churning water made ​​the racing and unpredictable and kept all the racers on their toes.

The Ski Elite class Was stacked with talent. Racers like Chris MacClugage, Jeremy Poret, Kevin Reiterer, Stian Schjetlein, Valentin Dardillat and more went head-to-head throughout the race, vying for the victory. A false start had MacClugage off to a bumpy start in the first moto, but he would overcome the hurdle and fight back against French rider Jeremy Poret and Vincent Villat. Poret Would take the overall by edging out MacClugage in the points and  MacClugage would take second. The young Norwegian rider, Schjetlein would sneak  through the ranks and make his way to the podium thanks to a regular ride all long the week-end. While Kevin Reiterer fell just short of the podium on his SDC TRAK 903 machine. 5th place for current Ski Pro-Am Open winner at World Finals, Anthony Torelli made a smart and secure ride during the 3 motos. 

In the GP Runabout Division, spectators watched in awe as these talented athletes sped around the track. James Bushell andGyorgy Kasza battled Throughout the weekend As They swapped positions, and Phil Pope would sweep into third place behind Kasza in first, and Bushell in second .

Sport Open Gp was a successful story for british riders as well, with a full podium of the Miller Racing Team, on first place we follow Lance MaCkenzie, Christian and Tom Miller. Don’t forget the Ski Women class, and the beautiful victory of Lou Dardillat, (Valentin’s sister) following by Lisa Caussin from Monaco and Chloe Marsh.

In the amateur division Quinten Bossche made ​​quick work of the competition, sweeping the class with three moto victories.  As always, the Freestyle show had the spectators raving. The young rider, Niels Willems routine was spectacular and would secure his victory. Audiences watched as Willems, Jonathan Kavanagh, who rode in moto 2 a hire boat due to engine issue on his ski,  Craig Hattaway  and other talented athletes and flipped, rolled, and Flew through the air. 

By the way, we had a lot of spectacular races all the week-end long, especially in brand new one class the Sea-Doo Spark. That category is a monotype formula very affordable. All the pilot use the same boat with a light allowed modification. The winner of the Sea-Doo Spark challenge is James Bushell, at the 2nd place we’ve got Bart Meurrens from Belgium, in 3th place Grand Packham following by Thai rider Chaowalit Kuajaroon.

Ski Promotion and Ski Veteran had mixed up due to a low riders numbers in Promotion. But the young belgium Antoine Goethals with a Ski couldn’t develop more than 140 hp, whereas in Veteran you can use a GP boat with almost no horsepower restriction, the belgium achieved to catch the three motos in front of frenchman Arnaud Furrer from Agosport Team, winner of the Vet Class.

As the weekend came to a  close, racers were invited to an awards dinner at Keepmoat Stadium to conclude the Freegun Jetcross World Cup and International Runabout Grand Prix. After such a successful weekend, the staff looks forward to organizing the next exciting event next season.