Getting Doncaster focused on culture

Local artists are being given the chance to showcase their work thanks to a unique project.

All Eyes on Culture, spearheaded by producer Charlotte Felters who is from Thorne, aims to give local artists an opportunity to create and showcase new work, connect with new audiences and communities and stay creative during this turbulent time.

The project has been supported by Right Up Our Street (RUOS) in response to the COVID-19 crisis through funding from the Arts Council and Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council (DMBC).

Initially, Charlotte will pilot a smaller scale project to test its validity and find out what does and doesn't work in this new digital climate. She will then take this learning forward to work with local arts and culture organisation Doncopolitan in its ‘Digital Doncopolitan Culture Crawl’ offering paid opportunities to local artists, freelancers and allowing grass roots and genuine creative collaborations to take place.

As part of this, Charlotte is planning to team up with local Doncaster artist’s August Charles and Kiziah & the Kings and the incredible Doncaster charity b:friend. August and Kiziah & the Kings will deliver a musical performance, covering a song chosen for them by the b:friend older neighbours. They will also perform one of their own original tracks which will introduce the b:friend neighbours to a local artist that they perhaps haven’t heard before. The performance will be shared on b:friend’s social media and be sent out in their monthly care packages as a mixtape for the neighbours to enjoy and to bring the younger and older community together through music. This will be done in collaboration with fellow creatives, producer Rosie Clark and marketing officer Skaii Bonham.

Charlotte said: “I am really happy to receive this funding, it gives me the time to really investigate the model we have in place and apply it to the wider project with Doncopolitan. I am passionate and committed to giving back to and championing the arts and cultural sector in Doncaster which is incredibly diverse and talented. I am looking forward to working with such talented artists and having the opportunity to link them with such a wonderful local charity.”

The funding received from RUOS will be split into paying consultation fees for sector specialists and artists time, expertise and experience.

Added Charlotte: “To be able to reach out and learn something, share an experience at this time will be invaluable.”

All Eyes on Culture is one of seven projects taking place in Doncaster during June commissioned by Right Up Our Street to ensure that artist work is continuing to engage with people in the town during the lockdown period.

Sally Lockey, creative director of Right Up Our Street said: “During difficult times it is always so important to pull together for the greater good and do what we can to support each other to help. All Eyes on Culture is a great way for local artists to collaborate and create and we’re really excited to see the results.”

For more information about Right Up Our Street and the projects funded under the recent open call visit