From Doncaster Art Fair to Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year!

We were super excited to hear the news that Doncaster artist, Richard Appleby was selected from thousands of applicants to be on the Sky Art landscape Artist of the Year TV show.

The show, which airs on Tuesday 12 November at 8pm, will see talented artists battling it out for the coveted Landscape Artist of the year title.

When we found out about this exciting news, we had to catch up with Richard to find out more and here is what he had to say,

‘I applied for the show last year after only started painting in February 2018. Although I did draw in graphite a lot. I started drawing in 2015 after my sons dog had died. He knew I could draw to some degree and asked me to draw the dog from a picture. I even surprised myself. Then I got the bug.

I started to show my drawings on Facebook. Then I drew a pug (Pictured above). I put this on a dog group and it went mad. I got a lot of commission drawing which I sent all over the world. Then in 2018.

I decided to try my hand at painting and loved it. Painting mostly for fun. From celebrities pets and landscapes. I exhibited my artwork at September 2018 and June 2019 Doncaster Art Fair after meeting Chinwe at one of the fairs. So after watching the show in November 2018 I applied for the show. I got accepted as a Wildcard and filmed the show in June at Gateshead / Newcastle’.

This is a fantastic achievement! Not only is Doncaster great but so are its people.