Doncaster… simply the best!

An ambitious new campaign to help put Doncaster firmly on the map and attract more jobs and investment in the area has been launched.

Led by leading local businesses, working together with the council, it aims to show that Doncaster is THE place to invest, do business, visit, study in and have fun.

The campaign is building on the exciting developments already taking shape across the area, from the new FARRRS airport link road and iPort development, to town centre regeneration and the new world-class golf course resort at Rossington Hall showcasing what this part of the world has to offer.

Local business leaders including those from The Free Press, Yorkshire Wildlife Park, Doncaster Airport, Doncaster Chamber, Club Doncaster and The Frenchgate have joined forces with the council to set up a Place Board to drive the campaign which was launched at Doncaster Racecourse on 12th July.

Following the research polls and interviews with local people and companies, the story of Doncaster has been split into three main themes.

First is connectivity, highlighting how the borough’s position at the heart of the country with great road, rail and airport links and London just over an hour and a half away means its an ideal location for any business and explains why big names like Amazon, Next, Tesco Ikea and B&Q have chosen Doncaster for their new centres.

Second is Doncaster as a leisure leader, with brilliant attractions like the racecourse, Yorkshire wildlife Park, Lakeside and the £22m CAST arts centre in the heart of the town’s cultural quarter.

The town also benefits from being closely located to beautiful countryside, with the Peak District National park nearby, the Club Doncaster sports stadium and Rossington hall being developed into a European Tour golf destination.

The third theme is that while there is national need to improve skills especially among young people, Doncaster is leading the way with plans to tackle the problem and is a beacon for skills and aspiration.

While Doncaster might not have a university…yet… it is surrounded by and part of a strong university environment with links to universities in Sheffield, Leeds, Hull and Huddersfield.

Doncaster is in the final stages of establishing in Advanced Engineering and digital Design University Technical College and is the location for the new HS2 rail college. It has also set up an Education Commission to ensure that young people have the right skills for the new jobs being created in the area.

Doncaster’s Mayor Ros Jones said: “Doncaster Council are full square behind this work which has been led by a steering group of businesses and we will be doing our very best to ensure that all aspects of our work across Doncaster is aligned behind this new approach and story.

“Many Places have the aspiration to be a city but for most this is about being given the status which is reality changes nothing. Doncaster acts like a city, has the public and private sector leadership of a city, has the confidence and ambition of a city and seeks Doncaster has got some challenges but far less than most and one of the biggest is to recognise and celebrate its successes, its businesses, its public sector, its people.

“It has a great story to tell of thinking bigger and wider, of taking risks, creating a ‘place led’ approach for what it does, of truly engaging and involving business, of a pro-active approach to growing young people, of putting ‘quality’ at the heart of what it does and of growing the economy.”

Craig Dowie from the Crown Hotel in Bawtry is chair of the newly formed Place Board, a meeting will take place in September where local firms can sign up to become Doncaster ambassadors, helping to spread the message about the borough’s story.