Delicious Doncaster 2018 Baking competition changed my life!

Where could Doncaster’s Great Bake competition take you?

We just found out that the winner of last year’s Delicious Doncaster baking competition is going to be a vendor at this year's Delicious Doncaster Food and Drink Festival (he will be in the Locally Produced section). That got us very excited, so much so that we had to catch up with him for a quick chat to find out about more about life after the competition that changed his life! We were very excited to learn that he now has a very successful baking busines, he has even baked for celebs including the likes of Emmerdale actors and sports personalities and he has bookings for weddings right through to next year! Yup Jaime is a very busy and successful man!

Read on to learn more about the man himself - Jaime Firbank. Make sure to check him out on his social media (I'm sure you will place an order once you see the amazing cakes he makes) and stop by his stall at the Food Festival, 17-19th May, where you can indulge some more.

How did you get into baking?

I've always enjoyed cooking and originally I started making Indian food, curries rice and naan breads, from there I moved on to making Belgian waffles and then about 3 years ago I made my first cheesecake. The first one ever made look like a five-year-old had made it but it tasted nice and everyone liked it and wanted to buy some from me. Then I started creating my own recipe, the method and ingredients were all learnt by trial-and-error until I had it how I wanted it, liked an American cheesecake but slightly creamier and not quite as dry.

Did winning the Bake Off competition encourage/give you the confidence to turn it into a business?

Winning the Bake Off last year gave me a great confidence boost I already knew I wanted to set up a cheesecake business but at that time I didn't really have a business plan. My original idea was to supply coffee shops and cafes with my cheesecakes but I really wanted to sell directly to the public, then I thought as well as selling the whole cakes I could sell the slices on Just Eat.

What is your business? 

So that's what I do now I sell the full cakes for any occasion a lot of people now are turning to cheesecakes rather than a traditional wedding cake, so I've got orders for weddings all the way up into next year. Also three days a week I deliver the cheesecakes per slice along with brownie sundaes, Krispy Kreme Sundays, cookie dough and milkshakes on just eat and by telephone order. 

Where can people find you? 

My website is under construction at the moment but people can find me on Facebook either Cheesecake Geek or Jaime Firbank and on Instagram and that's Cheesecake Geek.

I make and bake everything myself although I'm teaching my niece how to make my cheesecakes and brownies, she helps me on delivery days as well as my twin sister who deals with all the orders that come through. 

I'm totally self-taught mostly via You Tube, I'm always looking for new ideas and styles for the cakes and I'm going to be making a new range for the Doncaster food festival. 

Entries are now OPEN for this year’s Doncaster’s Greatest Bake competition. Apply today, and who knows, like Jaime it could take you places!