Dean Lomax star of ITV’s Dinosaur Britain at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

The star of ITV’s Dinosaur Britain will be presenting exclusive talks and book signings at Yorkshire Wildlife Park next month.

Dean Lomax, a world-renowned palaeontologist, will be appearing at the award-winning park to deliver fascinating sessions on the nation’s dinosaur heritage, entitled The Dinosaurs of Britain.

Lomax, the innovative park’s resident dinosaur expert, is in high demand and his latest book inspired the TV series, which is being screened on August 31 and September 1.

“I am really looking forward to the talk and discussing the extraordinary dinosaur remains that have been found across Britain,” said Dean, who is from Doncaster and is a regular guest at YWP,  Branton, Doncaster. “Did you know that 50 dinosaur species have been discovered in the British Isles?”

Dean, a visiting scientist at The University of Manchester, has written books, scientific papers from his work travelling the world studying dinosaurs and fossils. He will deliver two 45-minute talks on Saturday, October 10, at 1 pm and 3pm, followed by Q & A sessions and book signings.

Limited places, at £5 per person, for the event are available.

Dinosaur and Britain are two words that are rarely used together, yet dinosaurs are a British invention! If you were asked to name a dinosaur, the chances are you would give a foreign example, such as Tyrannosaurus rex, despite the term ‘dinosaur’ having been conceived by a British palaeontologist for fossils found in England,” added Dean.

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