Community art project helps Doncaster find the words

Doncaster residents are being urged to get involved with a new community project, designed to bring people’s words to life through art.

The Text Art project, delivered by local artist network The New Fringe and supported by Right Up Our Street, aims to bring Doncaster residents who wouldn’t usually engage with art or creative activity together with local artists.

Residents are being asked to record themselves saying a sentence or two, chosen from a book, film, poem, quote or just their own thoughts.

They are then invited to bring those words to life themselves visually or to pass them on to the team of Doncaster-based artists, who will then create a video or image with the words, using the voice recording as the soundtrack.

The first phase of the project has been completed, but the team at The New Fringe are still keen to receive submissions for their next stage.

Sacha Gray, who co-runs The New Fringe with Kim Farr, said: “We really hope our Text Art project stimulates creativity within the Doncaster community and allows people to see that art is very accessible and worth getting involved with. The first phase has been a great success, and now we’re looking to take submissions and build on them further.

“Creating a sense of community has never been more important and so, with this, we wanted to collaborate with the general public, creating new connections and bringing people’s words to life when so many of us feel isolated and afraid.”

The idea for the Text Art project came from artist Anton Hetch, who predominately works in the realms of participatory art projects, and Mike Stubbs from Doncaster Creates.

Text Art is one of seven projects commissioned in response to the Covid-19 crisis by Right Up Our Street, through funding from the Arts Council and Doncaster Council.

Sally Lockey, creative director of Right Up Our Street, said: “Text Art is a really exciting project that explores the relationship between language, the local community and art, and we’re thrilled to be supporting it.

“The pandemic has left many of us feeling isolated and so we’d urge everyone to get involved. Even if you’ve never considered yourself as creative – this project is a very accessible and interactive way to try something new and be a part of a community-wide initiative.”

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