Call for Doncaster residents to be part of an exciting campaign

Doncaster residents are being invited to work on an exciting campaign. We’re looking for Doncaster people, of all ages and levels of fitness, who experience the different benefits of being active in their everyday life, and want to support others to feel the same.

Across Doncaster, people are being active in their everyday lives by doing things like walking with friends, gardening, biking to work, dancing, playing with the kids and scooting to school... and of course some people like to do organised activities too.

We’ve worked closely with local people for nearly a year to get the project to this stage, and we are now ready to bring it to life with lots of Doncaster faces and Doncaster stories. There are lots of opportunities available. It could be that you’d like to share your story on our website about what you do to keep active, or you might like to become one of the faces of our advertising campaign (which could include things like posters, leaflets or even adverts at bus stops!). It might be that you’re part of a group and you’d like to take part together, we’re open to all ideas and suggestions.

Please contact / 01302 736748 / 07866 003935 if you’re interested in finding out how to get involved, we’d love to hear from you.