Local Legend: Paddington Bear

I was so excited to wake up this morning and see myself on TV on the Marks and Spencer Christmas advert! 

It’s so much to take in for a little bear like me!  I was looking forward to seeing myself on the big screen when my second film ‘Paddington 2’ is released but now I am on the small screen as well. I’m becoming quite a celebrity around these parts.  

I feel like I’ve come along way from Peru.  Quite a lot of people don’t really know about my travels but when I arrived from Peru all those years ago I spent a lot of time in Doncaster where a nice lady called Shirley Clarkson took care of me. 

Her little boy, Jeremy Clarkson used to play with me a lot but he once he grew up he was too busy.  He  is now one of those celebrities I was talking about – I have seen him on telly and I am now following in his footsteps!

If anyone wants to know more about the lovely place I once called home: Doncaster, they have a sparkling website why don’t you explore it further – visitdoncaster.com.

I'm available to purchase in the Tourist Information Centre on Priory Place too - I make a great present!

Love from Paddington Bear