Canals & Waterways

The River Don has always played an important role in the development of Doncaster.

As early as the 1620s Dutch engineer Cornelius Vermuyden diverted the River Don to drain land at Hatfield, and leading the Don into the River Ouse at Goole.

Further developments made navigation possible as far west as Sheffield with weirs, locks and canal cuttings being made. Further navigation improvements, such as the Stainforth and Keadby Canal which links to the River Trent, were especially important for the coal industry using large barges to transport their cargo.

Today Doncaster’s waterways make the borough extremely accessible by boat. Visitor moorings are available right in the heart of the town centre and there are plans to develop a new marina at Stainforth which is on the Stainforth and Keadby Canal, the Canal construction being given consent by Parliament in 1793.

The rural surroundings and a combination of swing and lift bridges offers a pleasant cruise through quiet countryside adding interest to a very straight voyage across country. You’re guaranteed to meet an angler or two on your travels – several stretches of the Stainforth & Keadby Canal are popular coarse fisheries.

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