100 THiNGS before 11

Discover a world of exciting THiNGS to do in Doncaster.

There are lots of exciting adventures in Doncaster. Whether it's learning about dinosaurs, pretending to be a pilot, becoming a countryside ranger or finding fairies, there's so much fun to be had!

This website is design to inspire you to try out 100 activities in and around Doncaster. You can have lots of adventures, try new things and make memories with your friends and favourite grown-ups.

Everybody meet the Doncaster THiNGS!

They live in Doncaster and are the experts in all the tings you can do right here with your family and friends. The Doncaster Things love being different and each love different Things.

Click or tap on the Things below to find out what Things you can do today, and you also download the 100 THiNGS Before 11 activity book right here:

It’s time to get active! Find all of the Active Things on our 100 Things list

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Let’s get creative and messy with all the Create Things you can do right on your doorstep

Be part of the heritage of Doncaster with all of the History Things to do!

Learning isn’t just for school; what can you find out with the Learning Things in Doncaster?

You’ll find lots of Nature Things in Doncaster, from fruit picking and bunny cuddling, to pond dipping

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Live sport, dance, theatre; we have all the Perform Things in Doncaster!